Choosing a wedding photographer

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. You did a beautiful job on our wedding and we had a blast in Jacksonville with you (on a post-wedding shoot). We are not used to having our pictures taken by a professional photographer, but you made it so comfortable and fun. Thank you a million times!
— Nathan & Marissa
Big thanks for pouring so many hours of labor and love into this project. We feel this captures the emotion and magic of the day, things we had amazingly forgotten over time. This really brings home to me the importance of the photographer to document and preserve the moment.
— Ben & Anna

About you

It may seem as though you have a million decisions to make and choosing a wedding photographer is one of them.  Whether you choose me, or someone else, please remember that your wedding photos preserve your memories, and create memories for future generations.  How would I have know what my mom and grandmother looked like in their wedding dresses without a photo? 

You will want to choose someone whom you trust enough to relax around, both as a person and as a photographer.  My commitment to you is to add a sense of calm to your day.  I want you to relax when you see me walk in the room, and feel as though we have an open line of communication.  I have an unobtrusive style, and there are times when I want you to pretend that I am not there.  Feeling able to express your emotions in your photographer's presence is essential if you want the story of your day to capture your feelings, as well as what you are wearing.  Laughing, crying, hugging, kissing, as well as playing are all parts of the day.   

I have lost track of the number of people who have shared their tragic story of hiring a family friend to shoot their wedding, only to end up with no salvageable photos.  Seeing beauty, and then being able to control your camera machine to capture the moment quickly are essential at a wedding.  A wedding photographer can't just shoot when the light is perfect, but must capture the entire day, regardless of the changing lighting situations.  Choose a photographer who has managed a wedding shoot, knows how to navigate through the day, and who has proper back-up gear. 

About me

My commitment to photography started when I enrolled myself in a continuing education course at age 14.  It wasn't long before the instructor hired me, and I started working in the darkroom and assisting at weddings.   I got a great sense of how the wedding day flows, and it wasn't long before I yearned to capture the moments myself.  At 16, I had my first solo wedding assignment.  As a woman, I wanted to capture the story:  the romance, the special family connections, the passion.   I enjoyed capturing the details and always thought of the story I wanted to tell.  I continue to view each new wedding as a magical day of transition into a new life phase, a public celebration of commitment to another human as a life partner.   

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Having grown up with my older brother's friends, I always have felt very relaxed with men, and felt that they deserved photographic attention too.  It is such a pleasure when a bride and groom feel safe to express themselves openly in my presence.  I view these moments as treasures in my life, and it is a gift to be able to reflect them back to the couple.


I have photographed weddings in fancy resort-hotels, on beaches, in backyards, at wineries, cathedrals and on ski slopes.    Where your wedding occurs is within you, not your setting.  This is what makes a wedding magical!



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I've even been known to follow a bride and groom to their honeymoon suite (briefly!).  This has never been discussed beforehand.  Sometimes, it just feels right to take a few post shots.

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There is something absolutely magical that occurs when you come home from your honeymoon and have your wedding story handed to you in a pre-printed book that you can share with your friends and family!  

Don't let the new tragic story happen to you.  I hear from those couples who thought they were getting such a great deal by receiving an unedited CD of all of their photos, only to realize they don't have the time, or expertise in editing and book design to create a finished product worthy of showing off to their friends and family.   It is well worth the money to have your photographer complete your final product.