Remarks on Photo Experience:

That was spectacular! You have so much talent in your two professions. Most of us wish we had that much talent in just one. Keep it up.
— Rich D. (Oregon)
Are we all that good-looking? Thank you for the images. They are faaaabulous! You are a true artist.
— Javier S (Oregon)
Thank you, thank you, thank you! You made the photo shoot so much fun. You are very talented. - Christina W (Oregon)
— Christina W (Oregon)
Thank you Michaela! The picture looks great. Thank you for making this one of the most relaxing photo experiences to date.
— Heather S (Oregon)
Again, thank you, thank you. This whole experience has been just wonderful, and from someone who doesn’t like having her picture taken, that is a huge compliment to you.
— Janet D (Oregon)
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed browsing the pictures of Shelby. You certainly did an awesome job of photographing my beautiful granddaughter. It was very difficult to pick only a few as I really wanted all of them but then that is pretty typical for a grandmother.
— Kathy C (Oregon)
— Jason Y (Oregon)
We especially thank you for your contribution with the camera (for our wedding), which put the professional photographer to shame! (Attended wedding as a guest)
— Ben and Mariarosa (married in Grosetto, Italy)

Remarks on Photo Books:

Farm photo book:

Gareth, who is from the UK, and visiting us this week, thought it was amazing!
— Comments by Yvonne W (Georgia)
Mickey, who still farms actively now, found it (the photo book) fascinating, and taught me some new chicken breed names that I did not know. He loved the whole thing, and commented especially on color, and arrangements. He was very taken with the cover photo in particular.
— Comments by Yvonne W (Georgia)
Charlene felt a wonderful feeling of love and connection in all the photos. She felt that way even with the veggies!
— Comments by Yvonne W (Georgia)

Couple's book:

Even though you’re not in the photos, you’re definitely in the photos. No one else could have seen that deeply inside of me.
— Sandy W. (Michigan)

Wedding book:

Big thanks for pouring so many hours of labor and love into this project. We feel this captures the emotion and magic of the day, things we had amazingly forgotten over time. This really brings home to me the importance of the photographer to document and preserve the moment.
— Anna P (California)
See Wedding for more testimonials.

See Wedding for more testimonials.